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College students

We have quite a few college students attending Life.   Several have moved to colleges out of town.  We miss you guys!   Pray for these students.  Pray that they will stay grounded in their faith.  Pray that God will use them in their environments to reach others.  Pray that they will stay active in helping others.  

I have to say that I’m proud of my two college students; Kaleb and Benjamin.  It’s hard and expensive.  By the way they are both paying their way through college – with a little help from scholarships :}  Check out the pic of Benjamin on the flickr page.  He has taken his fall break and traveled to New Orleans where he is helping build new homes for the hurricane victims.   Kaleb is in a Christian band called Fervid Praise.  He will be traveling out of town this weekend to minister to other students.  He will be back on Sunday to play bass in our band.    I thank God for my kids and for the students represented at Life.   Pray for each of them regularly.  They need it!


What can break a depression?

Simple – it’s praise and prayer.    Start praising God for what He has done.   Praise Him for what you have.   Praise Him for the relationships and loved ones in your life.  Praise Him for your eternal security!  When we focus our praise on God we are not focusing on our problems.

Pray.  Pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, pray for your church and others.  Pray for your job, your management and executive team.  Pray for your peers.  Pray that God will show you any sin that you need to confess.  Pray for His healing in your life and the lives of others.  

Stop worrying and start Praising God.  Spend time with Him today in prayer.   I guarantee it will change your life!

Thinking about my 401 –  my four kids and my one great wife!  Thank you God.


Forget Wall-street

Ok, I put a great blog on video today but I can’t get my computer to recognize the camera.  I’ve tried loading the driver and still nothing.  AGHHHH!  The evil one does not want you to see or hear what I have to say to you. 

Here it is in short:

Many of us are worried about our 401k’s, pension plans, bills and debt.   We’re watching Wall-street every day to see what’s going to happen.  Today I read that Iceland is closing it’s biggest bank and taking control of it.   America’s economy has far reaching effects.    What does God want us to do?  He wants us not to worry.   He spent the entire chapter 6 in Matthew telling us not to worry.  He is in control.   He wants us to continue to leave our lives and practice good Biblical Stewardship.   He wants us to take the focus off what we may be losing and put it on others.   The best way to get through this is to live a life of generosity.   Remember that God can take what little we have and turn it into a huge blessing.   Look what Jesus did with the 2 fish and 5 loaves.  Don’t you think He can do that for you and I? 

I was listening to the Fish (104.7) this morning and they had Tim Sanders as a guest.  I remember that I heard Tim last year at the Catalyst Conference (he’s speaking at it this year – today – but I’m not there this year….more about that later).    As Tim spoke God reminded me that we are to continue practicing real Christian principles regardless of the economy.   Tim’s book “Saving the World at Work”  reminds us that companies, businesses and churches that put the community and others first will always come out on top.    So instead of worry about what you don’t have or what Wall-street is doing; start finding ways to help others and live out a life of generosity.  Go volunteer and help a food bank or pantry.   Find a needy family and do whatever you can to help them.  Even if you only have a little (remember the Widow’s mite) God will bless what you have if you will give it generously for Him.  


Family & Friends Fest

What an awesome Sunday for our Family and Friend Festival.   We had many first time guests.    Thanks to all our volunteers that made it happen.   Thanks to our Praise Team – you guys were awesome!

Remember this Sunday we’ll continue the series “So you’re dead, now what?” as we talk about Hell.  Don’t forget about the one big Life Group at the home of Donny and Linda Carden, Sunday afternoon at 5:30 p.m.


What an awesome weekend!   It took me this long to recover and write this blog!  I hate the term but here goes my mind dump.

  • Sunday was incredible.   There were new faces volunteering and giving of their time and talents. Thanks again to all of our HERO’s, you guys are awesome!
  • I love giving out survival kits.   It means there are new people coming to know Christ in our church.
  • Fervid Praise really rocked Sunday Night!  I really think the bass player is awesome.
  • COSMIC BOWLING was incredible.   We had 40 plus people attend.  Believe it or not I broke the 50 barrier and even the 100 barrier.  Craig and I rocked against our opponents.    Our score ( just the two of us….sounds like a song) equaled more than the 4, yes FOUR people we were playing against.  WE ROCKED DUDE! 
  • It was great seeing all the college students come out and those that are attending our church.   Pray for them and that they will stay passionate for God.
  • Took Benjamin back to TMC on Monday.  
  • This Sunday is going to be awesome.   Don’t miss it – bring a friend.

Kevin – a.k.a.  STRIKE!


Sunday was awesome.   To all my HERO’s – Thank You!   When you are volunteering, you are connecting with others and changing lives!    The newcomers fellowship was awesome.  With over 25 people attending, Hannah and I were able to really connect with all the new people attending life.   

Are you connected?    Your first connection is getting connected to God.   Your second connection is getting connected to His word, the Bible.  Your third connection is getting connected with the local church, Life.  Your final connection is getting connected with other Christ followers.   You do this by getting in a Life group with others of similar interests.    These connections are God’s support system for us.  Don’t live life alone, get connected today!